Theoretical Solid State Physics

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2nd International Summer School on Exact and Numerical Models of Low Dimensional Quantum Structures

23.08.2014  -  31.08.2014

This summer school aims to provide an in-depth overview of the low-dimensional systems with a particular, but not exclusive, emphasis on the Bethe ansatz. The Bethe ansatz solution of certain one-dimensional models is still the only known systematic method to find the ground state properties of non-trivial quantum many-body models. While some lectures will be basic and pedagogical, focusing on the models (Hubbard, Heisenberg, Lieb-Liniger models), and the methods (coordinate Bethe ansatz, algebraic Bethe ansatz, nested Bethe ansatz,  thermodynamics Bethe ansatz, finite size Bethe ansatz), but more advanced topics will also be covered, such as transport, properties, correlation functions, non-equilibrium phenomena, quantum quenches, quantum entanglement and the general issue of quantum integrability. These topics serve as a guideline to the school, but they will be replaced by more specifics when the program based on the actualy abstracts of the lecturers are considered.

Izmir, Turkey