Theoretical Solid State Physics

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Correlations, criticality, and coherence in quantum systems

06.10.2014  -  10.10.2014

This workshop is promoted by several European and US projects and European and Chinese research centers. Our main aim is to generate a lively exchange of ideas between researchers working in the different but nevertheless related fields. Advances over the past ten years have seen an exciting confluence of the areas of strongly  correlated many-body systems, computational condensed matter physics, AdS/CFT correspondence, and quantum information theory.

The main focus areas of the workshop will be quantum criticality and exotic ground states, topological matter and Dirac materials, AdS/CFT correspondence, and quantum information. Analytical as well as computational approaches to problems in these areas will be discussed. It will bring together a number of established experts
as well as many talented young scientists to further explore and exploit the connections between many body theory, quantum information, and quantum criticality. Invited speakers are drawn from the theoretical,  experimental, and computational physics communities.

Evora, Portugal