Theoretical Solid State Physics

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Analytical and numerical approaches to strongly correlated systems

25.08.2014  -  12.09.2014

The aim of this 3-week meeting is to bring together specialists in thefieldas well as newcomers at the interface of  quantum information and condensed matter theory. The format of the event will alternate introductory lectureswith specialized talks and blackboard discussions. More precisely, therewill be 3 days per week with two lectures and a blackboard talk of 1:30 h, with the aim of being introductory to relevant topics.

During these days, spontaneous informal discussions will be encouraged by the organizers and  announced throughout the day. Moreover, there will also be one day per week with a more busy workshop structure, aiming at  having a number of specialized talks on recent important results, and another day to accommodate poster sessions and discussions on different topics. Our plan is to have a very rich and collaborative meeting.

Benasque, Spain