Theoretical Solid State Physics

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International Summer School on Superconductivity – Theory, Experiments, and Phenomena

STEP 2013

05.08.2013  -  17.08.2013

The Cargese school/workshop will bring together both experts and young researchers, both theorists and experimentalists, working in the field of superconductivity. The program will feature lectures (at least six hours for each subfield) and scientific talks. Most of lecturers will stay in Cargese for at least a week to have enough time to communicate with the students and other participants. We encourage students, postdocs, as well as more senior researchers from all around the world to attend.

Main topics:

Phenomenology of superconductivity, pairing symmetries, mechanisms of superconductivity in various materials, mesoscopic aspects of superconductivity, topological superconductivity, applications of superconductivity, new superconductors.

Cargèse, France