Theoretical Solid State Physics

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International workshop on Spin-Orbit and Interaction Effects in Nano-Electronics

04.02.2013  -  06.02.2013

The workshop aims to bring together experimental and theoretical leading experts and young scientists in the field of spin-orbit interactions and many-body physics in low-dimensional electron systems. Motivated by the significant recent progress in addressing the spin-orbit interaction in nanostructures, open problems and new prospects in the physics of spin-based devices will be discussed.

The focal points for the planned sessions include:

- Atomic and molecular scale spin-orbit effects

- Carbon nanotubes

- Semiconductor quantum dots and wires

- Spin-orbit hybrid systems


List of invited speakers:

B. Braunecker, P. Brouwer, H. Buhmann, R. Egger, S. De Franceschi, K. Grove-Rasmussen

S. Heinze, H. Johannesson, J. König, C. Marcus, S. Otte, J. Paaske, V. Pribiag, A. Rosch,

C. Schoenenberger, S. Tarucha, C. Timm, M. Trif, I. Weymann, H. van der Zant


Physikzentrum, RWTH Aachen University, Germany