Theoretical Solid State Physics

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Quantum Effects in Biological Systems Workshop 2013

29.06.2013  -  03.07.2013

There will be a mix of keynote and plenary talks, invited (40+5 min) and contributed (20+5 min) presentations as well as a poster session covering a variety of topics including:

(1) Energy and charge transfer in photosynthetic light harvesting

(2) Recent and emerging systems

(3) Quantum tunneling phenomena in chemical and biological systems

(4) Emerging techniques for quantum biology

(5) Quantum techniques for biological research

Additionally we are providing two tutorial sessions “Quantum biology for biologist” and "Current frontiers of biology" for generally interested biologists and physicists and are indented to stimulate discussions and lead to potential new research directions.

IMBA lecture hall, Institute for Molecular Biotechnology
Dr.-Bohr-Gasse 5, 1030 Vienna