Theoretical Solid State Physics

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Quantum Information and Computing Conference

30.06.2013  -  05.07.2013

In recent years many new and advanced techniques of investigation have been developed in different areas of Physics which can now be combined together to realize new and yet unexploited possibilities. Control of the Quantum State of the fundamental constituents of light and matter has become a reality; at the same time the ability to realise artificial materials with precisely engineered properties is progressing towards the single atom level. In this scenario, thanks to the combination of all these new capabilities, unprecedented directions of research for fundamental and applied physics based on purely quantum phenomena arise.

QIPC 2013 will cover:

Quantum information and quantum communication.

Physical realizations of quantum systems for information technology such as photons, single atoms, ions, molecules, nuclear and electron spins, superconducting circuits, micro- and nano-mechanics, hybrid quantum systems, degenerate quantum gases.

Topical subjects such as foundations of quantum information, quantum measurements, quantum interferometry, cavity QED, optical lattices, quantum memories, many-body systems.