Theoretical Solid State Physics

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Conference and Summer School “Spin-phenomena: From Model Systems to Complex Matter”

02.04.2013  -  09.04.2013

The Newspin conference series brings together the communities of spintronics in complex matter and cold atom atom model systems. The first Newspin workshop "NewSpin: Spin Manipulation in Cold Atoms and Condensed Matter" was hosted in Utrecht in 2009. In 2011 "Newspin2: Spin Physics and Topological Effects in Cold Atoms, Condensed Matter, and Beyond" was hosted in College Station. The previous success has spawned the idea is to organize the meeting every two years alternating between Europe and the U.S.A.

Newspin 3

This international conference (April 2-5, 2013) and summer school (April 5-9, 2013) brings together both experts and young researchers in the areas of condensed matter and cold atom physics where phenomena originate from the spin property. These are very active topics and this workshop intends to facilitate the exchange of ideas and cross-collaborations going from model systems to complex solid state materials.

In addition to the workshop, it was deemed important to add to the format a few days of school in which the junior researchers can learn about the other fields outside their specialty from the experts in those areas in a more pedagogical format and hence generate a more natural link between the fields in the next generation.

Graduate School of Excellence - Materials Science in Mainz - Staudinger Weg 9 - Mainz