Theoretical Solid State Physics

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Summer School "New Trends in Computational Approaches for Many-Body Systems"

28.05.2012  -  08.06.2012

DESCRIPTION: Approaches based on both model Hamiltonians and ab initio

methods will be treated, including:  Projected Entangled States and

Multi-scale Entanglement Renormalization Ansatz, Worm algorithms, Density

Matrix Renormalization Group, Dynamical Mean-Field Theory and Quantum

Cluster Methods. Many numerical methods to be discussed in this School are

still in development, or so recent that one may expect dramatic improvements

and breakthroughs in the near future. These approaches are essential for

treating cold atoms, pnictides, heavy fermions, high-temperature

superconductivity, interfaces of complex oxides, etc; they are also of

central importance in quantum information theory.


TRAINING ASPECTS: Hands-on training on Abinit ( ) and

ALPS ( ) codes will be an integral part of the







Universite de Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada