Theoretical Solid State Physics

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Quantum Information meets Statistical Mechanics

22.09.2012  -  25.09.2012

Quantum Information meets Statistical Mechanics (QISM) is a new conference

series that focuses on the interplay of quantum information and


mechanics. The goal of the conference is to bring together scholars from

quantum information theory and statistical mechanics to explore emerging

connections between these fields and hopefully develop some fruitful

collaborations. The first meeting of this series was held at El Escorial,

Spain, in 2011.


In this second conference, a broad selection of topics will be covered

ranging from "Quantum simulation and lattice gauge theories", "Quantum

information and the foundations of statistical mechanics", "Statistical

physics of complex systems", and "Thermodynamics and gravity". The program

will include a number of introductory and overview talks, with the aim of

bridging the gap between the two fields.



Innsbruck, Austria