Theoretical Solid State Physics

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School on Cold Atoms, Excitons ans Polaritons

21.05.2012  -  23.05.2012

The basic goal of the school is to give a background of the basic aspects of cold-atom, exciton and polariton physics so that students from related fields will be able to follow the most recent and exciting developments of these communities. Additional aims are to promote cooperation between the students and to produce synergy among these fields

The topics will include:

1) Atom-, ion- and polariton-tronics

2) Photon and polariton condensation

3) Excitons in nanostructures

4) Superfluid properties

5) Nonlinear effects


Graduate students and post-doctoral researchers are especially encouraged to apply. There will be no conference fees. Accommodation for the applicants who will be accepted will be covered fully. Partial finantial support for travel expenses will be also avaliable.


Registration Deadline: March 31st, 2012.



Polatom, ESF, Toledo