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Tenerife Nanoelectronics School

Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics

12.02.2012  -  17.02.2012

An International Physics School on “Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics” will be held in the island of Tenerife (Spain) on 12-17 February 2012. This is an outreach activity of the EU-supported Marie Curie Initial Training Network “Nanoelectronics: Concepts, Theory and Modelling” (NanoCTM), which coordinates several leading European teams working in the theoretical foundations of Nanoelectronic (

Applications from young researchers not directly linked to the network are welcome.

The general theme of the school is Nanoelectronics, but emphasis will be made on topological insulators, Majorana fermions, graphene, and spintronics. The lectures will have a tutorial character and will be delivered by world leading experimentalists and theorists.

The registration fee is EUR 350. The cost per person of full board accommodation is EUR 456 (double room) or EUR 598 (single room). More information and online application can be found at


The application deadline is 9 December 2011.

Tenerife, Spain