Theoretical Solid State Physics

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Correlations and Coherence in Quantum Systems

08.10.2012  -  12.10.2012

The workshop will bring together leading experts in the fields of quantum many-particle physics, condensed-matter physics, quantum information theory, and statistical field theory. Our main aim is to generate a lively exchange of ideas between researchers working in the different but nevertheless related fields of ultra-cold atoms, superconductivity, spin liquids, mesoscopic transport, and quantum information. This includes to bring young scientists to the forefront of these fields and to stimulate discussions across topical boundaries. The past experience has amply proven that the city of Évora (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) offers a unique environment for this kind of workshop. Contributed talks will be selected by the organizing committee.

The deadline for registration is September, 10th, 2012.

Universidade de Evora - Anfiteatro 131-A - Portugal