Theoretical Solid State Physics

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Workshop on Quantum Simulations

22.10.2012  -  25.10.2012

The Workshop aims to attract the interest of the international community on interdisciplinary quantum simulations. The event topics include fundamentals in quantum simulations, mathematical developments, and applied implementations in all physical setups: trapped ions, neutral atoms, photons, superconducting circuits, quantum dots, among others. 

Senior researchers, postdocs and students interested in interdisciplinary quantum simulations are most welcome to apply to the Workshop. We will do our best to keep a pedagogical approach in the talks, assuring a wide dissemination of the ideas and concepts among the younger researchers. 

We recommend you to apply as soon as possible, the deadline is upcoming 20th July 2012. For more information about the submission of oral and poster contributions, or just request of attendance, see details in the website: 

This event is sponsored by the SOLID, AQUTE, Q-ESSENCE, and PROMISCE European projects. The international organizers are Prof. Enrique Solano ( and Prof. Göran Wendin (, while the local organizers are Dr. Lucas Lamata ( and Dr. Guillermo Romero ( 

We would be delighted that colleagues and students from different fields can meet with enthusiasm and exchange their ideas and knowledge about the present and future of quantum simulations and quantum technologies.

Looking forward to seeing you soon in Bilbao!

The organizers

Universidad del País Vasco UPV/EHU, Bilbao, Spain