Theoretical Solid State Physics

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Korrelationstage 2011

Max Planck Institut für Physik Komplexer Systeme (MPIPKS) Dresden, Germany

28.02.2011  -  04.03.2011

The Korrelationstage are a series of bi-annual meetings where

 scientists working in the field of strongly correlated many-body

 systems are brought together. Especially, young scientists will be

 given the opportunity to report on their work in oral and poster





 The conference is open for all topics of strongly correlated systems.


               Topics of the 2011 meeting will include


              Topological phenomena in condensed matter

                    Correlated states at interfaces

                Time-resolved electronic correlations

            Electronic structure of correlated materials

       Many-particle spintronics and Quantum-critical phenomena

           Correlation phenomena in ultracold atomic gases

             New methods for quantum many-body problems


 Applications will soon be possible via the website of the Max Planck

 Institute for the  Physics of Complex Systems (MPIPKS). We will then

 send another email with further information. The registration fee will

 be 120 Euro. For a limited number of participants, costs for accommodation

 and meals will be covered by MPIPKS. Child care is available on request.