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(13.01) de Sitter Microstates from a solvable generalization of the T-Tbar deformation

Eva Silverstein (Stanford U.)

13.01.2022 at 16:15 

The finite value of the de Sitter entropy suggests a formulation of its observer patch as a system with a finite-dimensional Hilbert space. We show that a new version of the solvable and universal $T\bar T + \Lambda_2$ deformation of a seed holographic CFT gives such a theory at the level of physics accessible in pure gravity. This is sufficient to capture both the finite entropy -- the microstate count - along with a subleading logarithmic correction at large c -- and the bulk dS geometry (but it does not capture model-dependent aspects of bulk matter fields, which requires additional ingredients). Time permitting we will comment on other aspects of dS quantum gravity by uplifting the AdS/CFT M2-brane theory, exploiting the positive potential and rigidity of concrete hyperbolic compactifications. The talk is based on (and time permitting, ).

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