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Heat transport of low-dimensional quantum magnets: detecting signatures of spin waves, spinons, and Majorana fermions

Christian Hess, IFW Dresden

20.10.2017 at 09:00 

Low-dimensional quantum magnets constitute a playground for different, typically quantum disordered ground states with a plethora of quasiparticle types. These range from spin-wave like excitations in a two-dimensional (2D) antiferromagnet through fractionalized spinon excitations in one-dimensional (1D) Heisenberg spin chains to even more exotic quasiparticles in topological quantum spin liquids. Heat conductivity experiments constitute one of the few probes to study such quasiparticle physics because they provide specific information on the quasiparticles’ characteristics, for example, their scattering. In this talk, I will discuss the key differences between the spin heat transport by 2D spin waves and 1D spinons that is experimentally observed in cuprate based materials which host a 2D antiferromagnet and a Heisenberg chain, respectively. Furthermore, I will address recent results for the heat transport of alpha- RuCl3, which is a candidate material for a topological quantum spin liquid with Kitaev interaction and Majorana fermions and gauge fluxes as elementary excitations.

A 450, Theresienstr. 37