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Dynamical quantum phase transitions: scaling and universality

Markus Heyl, TU München

25.11.2015 at 14:00 

Dynamical quantum phase transitions have recently emerged as a nonequilibrium analogue to conventional phase transitions with physical quantities becoming nonanalytic at critical times. However, a major challenge is to connect to fundamental concepts such as scaling and universality that are intimately related to renormalization group theory and the associated fixed points.
In this talk I will show that for dynamical quantum phase transitions in Ising models renormalization group  transformations in complex parameter space can be formulated. As a result of this construction, the dynamical phase transitions are critical points associated with unstable fixed points of equilibrium Ising models implying  scaling and universality. Moreover, signatures of these transitions in the dynamical buildup of spin correlations will be presented with an associated temporal power-law scaling determined solely by the fixed point universality class. At the end I will discuss the potential to observe the discussed phenomena in systems of trapped ions.

H 107, Schellingstr. 4