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Many-body localization from a single-particle perspective

Fabian Heidrich-Meisner, LMU

26.06.2015 at 09:00 

We show that the one-particle density matrix can be used to characterize the interaction-driven many-body  localization transition in closed fermionic systems. The natural orbitals (the eigenstates of the one-particle density matrix are localized in the many-body localized phase and spread out when one enters the delocalized phase,  while the occupation spectrum (the set of eigenvalues of the one-particle density matrix) reveals the distinctive  Fock-space structure of the many-body eigenstates, exhibiting a step-like discontinuity in the localized phase. The  associated one-particle occupation entropy is small in the localized phase and large in the delocalized phase, with diverging fluctuations at the transition. We analyze the inverse participation ratio of the natural orbitals and find  that it is independent of system size in the localized phase.

A 449 - Theresienstr. 37