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Charge-order in the underdoped cuprates: a window into the normal state

Debanjan Chowdhury, Harvard University

25.06.2015 at 14:00 

Recent experiments in the underdoped regime of the hole-doped cuprates have found evidence for an  incommensurate charge density wave state. I'll present an analysis of the charge ordering instabilities in a metal with antiferromagnetic correlations, where the electronic excitations are coupled to the fractionalized excitations of a quantum fluctuating antiferromagnet on the square lattice. The resulting charge density wave state emerging out of such a fractionalized Fermi-liquid (FL*) is remarkably similar to the one observed in experiments on a number of different families of the cuprates. Our results show that the observed charge density wave appears as a low-energy instability of a "fractionalized" metallic state linked to the proximity to an antiferromagnetic insulator, and the pseudogap regime can be described by such a metal at least over intermediate length and energy scales. I'll discuss various theoretical approaches towards describing such a fractionalized metallic state in one-band models. If time permits, I'll also describe the transition from a Fermi-liquid with a large Fermi-surface to a FL* around optimal doping via a Higgs-transition of a SU(2) gauge-theory. The implications of such Higgs criticality in two-dimensional metals on the physics of strange metal will be discussed.

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