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A dimer model for the pseudogap metal in high-Tc cuprates

Matthias Punk, LMU

22.05.2015 at 09:00 

The pseudogap metal is one of the most tantalizing states of matter found in the copper-oxide superconductors and has been at the focus of much experimental and theoretical interest for more than two decades. The origin of the pseudogap is still controversially debated, however, and many experimental probes lead to seemingly contradictory interpretations. In this talk I'm going to introduce a simple model which captures several key features of the pseudogap state, in particular a small Fermi surface of coherent, electron-like quasiparticles, visible as Fermi arcs in ARPES experiments. This model realizes a so-called fractionalized Fermi liquid (FL*) featuring a small Fermi surface with a non-trivial Luttinger count due to the presence of topological order, rather than broken symmetries.

A 449 - Theresienstr. 37