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Topological superconducting phase in a helical Shiba chain

Leonid Glazman, Yale University

11.11.2014 at 09:00 

A magnetic impurity in a conventional superconductor creates a discrete energy level, known as the Shiba state, inside the gap of the quasiparticles spectrum. Recently, it has been suggested that topological superconductivity and Majorana end states can be realized in a chain of magnetic impurities imbedded in a superconductor and forming a spin helix. We investigate this possibility theoretically, accounting for the long-range nature of hopping and pairing of electrons populating the Shiba states. Using a combination of  analytical and numerical methods, we determine the parameters domain allowing for the topological phase and investigate the structure of the Majorana states associated with it.

A 449 - Theresienstr. 37