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Majorana chains at the crossroads: Creating stable p-wave superfluids in optical lattices

Gunnar Moeller, University of Cambridge

07.11.2014 at 09:00 

We present an optical lattice setup for cold atomic gases, which allows us to study the transition from the one-dimensional Kitaev chain to two-dimensional topological p-wave superfluids. In our set-up, we create strong p-wave interactions using a combination of p-wave orbital states on the lattice with simple s-wave repulsive interactions [1].
We discuss the nature of the topological phase transitions in this system, characterised by a suitable set of topological invariants and the Fermi surface geometry. Finally, we propose an experimental realisation of braiding experiments to enable a direct detection of the non-Abelian statistics of the Majorana fermions in this system.

1 A. Bühler, N. Lang, C.V. Kraus, G. Möller, S.D. Huber, and H.P. Büchler, Nature Communications 5, 4504 (2014)

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