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Engineered Quantum Dynamics in Nano-Mechanics and Superconducting Circuits

Michael Hartmann, Heriot-Watts University, Edinburgh

24.07.2014 at 09:00 

Recent technological progress in the engineering of micro- and nano-structures, has lead to an increasing number of devices where quantum mechanical dynamics can be engineered and controlled in a desired way. These find applications in quantum simulation and may form a starting point for exploiting quantum behavior in novel technologies. In this talk I will explain some of my recent research contributions to this development.
Nano-mechanical resonators have recently been cooled to their ground states. A next step will now be to show distinct quantum behavior for such devices. Here I will describe a scheme to enhance the nonlinearity of clamped nano-beams and drive them into vibrational Fock states. These nano-beams can then even be employed to mechanically store and process quantum information. Superconducting circuits have recently made significant advances towards engineering quantum dynamics with applications in quantum simulation and quantum information processing. For this platform I will introduce a concept for a single photon transistor and explain how such circuit networks lead to interesting quantum many-body physics. As their excitations are electromagnetic, these many-body systems are naturally studied in driven and dissipative regimes, for which I will explain some interesting features and sketch an approach to efficiently describe them.

A348 - Theresienstr. 37