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Non-Abelian anyons in strongly correlated topological states of electronic matter

Titus Neupert, Princeton University

17.07.2014 at 09:00 

Topological states of matter have sparked tremendous interest in recent years, including the prediction and experimental discovery of topological band insulators. Topological states have been proposed as platforms to realize and allow the detection of non-Abelian anyons, which in turn could potentially be used to build resilient topological quantum computers. Initially, certain fractional quantum Hall states were proposed as platforms for non-Abelian anyon excitations. However, extreme demands on sample quality and temperature regimes hindered the experimental breakthrough. I will show how the recent theoretical discovery of topologically equivalent states in a different class of systems, the so-called fractional Chern insulators, gives a new perspective to this approach. As a second venue to non-Abelian anyons, I will discuss how the surfaces of conventional or unconventional superconductors, when decorated with adatoms, can be used to localize and manipulate Majorana bound states.

A348 - Theresienstr. 37