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Dirac materials with disorder and interactions: from Majorana fermions to helical metals

Lars Fritz, Utrecht University

15.07.2014 at 09:00 

Throughout the last ten years Dirac materials have been an extremely active topic in condensed matter research. The enormous activity was triggered by the discovery of the single layer carbon material graphene, with the subsequent discovery of new states of insulating matter with topological order, termed topological insulators. These insulating bulk materials are characterized by unusual excitations on the surfaces which are protected against disorder due to their special properties guaranteed by topology.
In this talk I will first give a pedagogical introduction to the rich world of Dirac systems, thereby touching upon some aspects of graphene and topological insulator physics. Then I will discuss a number of recent works of mine ranging from the physics of Majorana systems with disorder over transport properties of graphene all the way to Kondo physics of graphene and two dimensional helical metals living on the surface of three dimensional topological insulators. I will conclude with an outlook.

A348 - Theresienstr. 37