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Unusual Two-stage Dynamics of the Spin-Lattice Polaron Formation

Janez Bonča, University of Ljubljana

09.05.2014 at 10:15 

I will present the relaxation dynamics of an excited charge carrier in the spin background described by the two dimensional t-J model. I will also discuss a simple analytical argument for the unusual scaling of the relaxation time with the exchange interaction.
In the second part I will discuss the formation of a spin-lattice polaron in one spatial dimension after a quantum quench that simulates absorption of the pump pulse in the time resolved experiments. A two-stage relaxation is found where spin and lattice degrees of freedom represent an integral part of the relaxation mechanism. In the first stage the kinetic energy of the spin-lattice polaron relaxes towards its ground state value while relaxation processes via spin and phonon degrees of freedom remain roughly independent. In the second, typically much  longer stage, a subsequent energy transfer between lattice and spin degrees of freedom via the charge carrier emerges. The excess local spin energy radiates away via magnon excitations.


A348 - Theresienstr. 37