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Thermoelectric transport through Kondo nano-devices

Mikhail Kiselev, ICTP, Trieste

30.01.2014 at 12:15 

We investigate the interplay between effects of Zeeman field and strongSpin-Orbit (SO) interaction in the single electron transistor built on aquantum dot strongly coupled to one of the leads by a single-mode quantumpoint contact. It is shown that at the magnetic field smaller compared toeffective field associated with the spin-orbit interaction thethermoelectric coefficients depend on an angle between the Zeeman and SOfields allowing a fine-tuning a Fermi-liquid to Non-Fermi-liquid crossoverby the in-plane magnetic field. We discuss how the effects of strongelectron interaction and resonance scattering influence the thermoelectrictransport through the nano-devices and present some suggestions forexperimental verification of our theoretical predictions.

A348 - Theresienstr. 37