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Low energy theory for the SU(N) Kondo model

Christophe Mora (Ecole Normale Superieure Paris)

06.05.2013 at 10:15 


Recent experiments in carbon nanotubes and semiconductor quantum dots have started to probe a possible SU(4) Kondo state by conductance or noise measurements. For this entangled state both orbital and spin degrees of freedom of the dot are screened by electrons in the leads. We show how a low energy Fermi liquid approach can be constructed for the more general SU(N) symmetry. This allows in particular exact low temperature predictions for current and noise measurements. Furthermore a universal charge e* different from one can be defined and extracted from shot noise measurements, indicating the interacting nature of the Fermi liquid fixed point. These charges are obtained for the SU(2) and SU(4) symmetries.

A318 - Theresienstr. 37