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Quantum Money, Information, and Computation-- New Mysteries from the Quantum World

Prof. Steven Girvin (Yale University, USA)

08.06.2009 at 17:15 

Short Biography

Girvin’s research focuses on theoretical studies of collective quantum behavior in many particle systems. His particular interests include the fractional quantum Hall effect, quantum phase transitions such as the superconductor-insulator transition and collective phenomena in cold atomic gases and optical lattices. Since moving to Yale he has developed an interest in quantum optics and quantum computation. He is currently working closely with his experimentalist colleagues Robert Schoelkopf and Michel Devoret on developing ‘circuit QED’, a new paradigm of quantum optics and quantum computation using superconducting electrical circuits. He also recently began working with his experimentalist colleague Jack Harris who is using the radiation pressure of light to cool mechanical objects down towards their quantum ground state. Girvin is the author of more than 200 papers in professional journals and has given more than 400 seminars and colloquia on his work. In 1999 he co-founded the Boulder Summer School in Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, which each summer brings together graduate students from all over the world for intensive study of frontier research topics of current interest.

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