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Professor Luis Alvarez-Gaumé (CERN, Switzerland)

07.05.2008 at 11:15 


Short biography:

Professor Luis Alvarez-Gaumé, permanent staff member at CERN and currently CERN Division Leader, is widely recognized as a world leader in string theory. He obtained his PhD from SUNY Stony Brook. He then became a Fellow of the Harvard Society of Fellows and subsequently professor at Boston University. Luis Alvarez-Gaumé joined CERN in the late 80's as a permanent staff member of the Theory Division.

Luis Alvarez-Gaumé's contribution to the field of string theory is enormous. His groundbreaking work on gravitational anomalies with Edward Witten laid the foundation for the discovery of consistent superstring theories in ten dimensions. He is also well-known for his early work on the breaking of supersymmetry at low energies.

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