Mathematical Physics and String Theory

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Joint Seminar

This a joint online video seminar series on theoretical and mathematical physics organized together by the ASC and the universities of Heidelberg and Vienna via a BigBlueButton interface.

It will take place on Mondays at 15:15.

If you are interested to participate, please send an email toIlka Brunner.

26.10. Theo Johnson-Freyd (Perimeter) "3+1d topological orders with (only) an emergent fermion"
Abstract: There are exactly two bosonic 3+1d topological orders whose only nontrivial quasiparticle is an emergent fermion (and exactly one whose only nontrivial quasiparticle is an emergent boson). I will explain the meaning of this sentence: I will explain what a "3+1d topological order" is, and how I know that these are the complete list. Time permitting, I will tell you some details about these specific topological orders, and say what this classification has to do with "minimal modular extensions".

16.11. Owen Gwilliam (Amherst)
11.01. Kasia Rejzner (York)
30.11. Jörg Teschner (Hamburg)

Past seminars winter 2020
19.10. Chris Beem (Oxford U.) "Hall-Littlewood Chiral Rings and Derived Higgs Branches"
12.10. Ezra Getzler (Northwestern U.) "Gluing local gauge conditions in BV quantum field theory

Past seminars summer 2020

20.07. Thorsten Schimannek (Vienna U.) "The quantum geometry of genus one fibered Calabi-Yau threefolds"
13.07. Thomas Creutzig (Alberta) "Algebraic blow-up"
29.06. Alberto Cattaneo (Zurich) "Hamilton-Jacobi and Quantum Chern-Simons on Cylinders"
22.06 Simone Noja (Como) "On Some Global and Local Problems in Supergeometry"
15.06. Tomas Prochazka (LMU) "Grassmannian VOAs"
08.06. Ingmar Saberi (Heidelberg) "Holomorphic field theories and higher symmetries"
25.05. Christoph Chiaffrino (LMU) “Planar Quantum A-Infinity Algebras”
18.05. Nils Carqueville (Vienna) “An introduction to functorial TQFT with defects”
11.05. Ivo Sachs (LMU) "From BV to string theory and back"